Muir String Quartet
Concerts 2016-2017

RIC: Rhode Island College
MCMS: Montana Chamber Music Society
FFPA: Fredericksburg Festival of the Performing Arts
CFKF: Classics for Kids Foundation

Sept. 13-16—MCMS
Sept. 14—Bozeman, MT, Reynolds Hall MSU: MCMS w. Fiterstein
Sept. 15—Bozeman, MT, Reynolds Hall MSU: MCMS w. Fiterstein
Sept. 16—Livingston, MT Shane Center
Sept. 18—Westport, MA
Sept. 21—Boston: BU Tsai Performance Center
Oct. 1Boston: Curtin Tribute, BU Tsai Performance Center
Oct. 7-10Fall Foliage Chamber Music Weekend; Rockport, ME
Oct. 9Rockport, ME
Nov. 7Providence RI RIC
Dec. 15-18record Dvorak and Brahms Quintets w. Levin
Jan. 30-Feb. 4MCMS
Feb. 1—Bozeman, MT, Reynolds Hall MSU: MCMS w. Ahn, Aaberg,
Feb. 13Boston: BU Tsai Performance Center
Feb. 20Providence, RI: RIC
Mar. 6-12MCMS
Mar. 8Sheridan WY w. Wincenc
Mar. 9Bozeman, Montana, Reynolds Hall MSU w. Wincenc
Mar. 10Bozeman, MT Alvord w. Wincenc
Mar. 11Bozeman, MT, Reynolds Hall MSU w. Wincenc
Mar. 12Red Lodge, MT
April 3Providence, RI: RIC w. Fiterstein
April 11Boston: BU Tsai Performance Center
May 15-19Fredericskburg, VA: FFPA 30th Chamber Music Festival
May 16Fredericksburg, VA
May 18Fredericksburg, VA
May 19Fredericksburg, VA
June 8Irvine CA CFKF benefit
June 19-24Boston University Tanglewood Institute
June 21Lenox, MA
July 10-16Montana Chamber Music Festival: MCMS
July 10Bough Retreat
July 11Bozeman, MT: Jodar/Birdwell
July 12Bozeman, MT: MCMS benefit
July 13Bozeman: Reynolds Hall, MSU Bozeman
July 14Big Sky, MT
July 16St. Timothy’s Concerts, Georgetown Lake, MT

Note: additional Muir events around Boston in connection with CFA initiatives will take place during 2016-2017 that are not yet listed here.